viernes, diciembre 02, 2011

missing u today

hoy diego no vino a clases me dio penita no verlo no voya negra k me gusta me gustaaaaaaaaa
mi alumo ha pasado un anio casi 8 meses de verlos me acostumbre a verlo los martes miercoles y viernes
y bueno hoy no lo vi .
nose k me pasa con el nose que senti el miercoles cuando me dijo lo d andrea ha sido un año loco
mayra regreso a mi vida pero no la veo , vania se enojo conmigo xq tuve algo con jose miguel
increible yo haciendo eso ... me gusta otro diego que e slindo pero se k x el no siento la pasion k siento x diego mi alumno supongo k es x q es prohibido me gustan las cosa simposibles
y s ek eso esta mal so anyway i wont see him again after school he will go to university and then it will be over just a crush i had on him
i know it is silly but it just make me happy he makes me laugh
sometimes i want to kill him but then there are other times when i just want to hugh him and kiss him and hugh and kiss him but i just cant because then again he is my student and im her teacher sooooooo
i gonna remmeber jsut the good stuff the good things that he did for me like when he asked me to dance on teachers day and i was so rude to him
i must recognize i was always so rude to him always but i doesnt matter now
i wont get to hear from him again not after schools ends
i want to think that i will see him but if im realistic enough not to fool myself i know deep inside that it wont happen we wont see eachr other again he will end up with so many other girls
i know he had the biggest crush on me but those times are over
he is a player i know he told me so i have seen him so i dont know it just makes me angry knowing i wont get to be with him more time so he could start falling hoplessly in love witn me hahahahah
it such a shame i cant tell u these things but it is enough for me to write them down

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